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TEE Religious School Registration for 2022-23

Religious School Registration 2022-23
Please note: We welcome all children to our Religious School in Kindergarten. Beginning in Grade 1, families must be members of Temple Emanu-El. Click here to learn more about membership.

Parent Information

If you DO NOT wish your child(ren)'s picture to appear as part of a group in Temple Emanu-El's bulletin or other publications please check this box.

Emergency Contacts

Carpool Permission

Please note that we may ask for identification
Please note that if the person you list is a parent, we may require you to supply us with appropriate documentation.

Student Information

Students in grades 4-7 must register and attend religious school to become a Bar/Bat Mitzvah.
Fees in those grades provide for instruction by both faculty and clergy.. 
All emails sent to students will be cc'd to parent

Medical Info and Release

I hereby grant permission for my child(ren) to participate in all Temple youth programs, activities and events and do release Temple Emanu-El and its representatives from all liability arising out of my child’s participation in such activity.   In addition, I, the undersigned parent/guardian of the above child(ren), do further certify that my child(ren) is physically able to participate in such activity.  By selecting 'I agree'  below and by enrolling your child(ren) in Religious School at Temple Emanu-El, you indicate your agreement to the above terms and conditions
If your child carries an EpiPen please make sure the teachers and staff are aware of where it can be found.

Payment Information

Amount due for this registration. You must fill out and pay for each child separately. To register another child complete this registration and submit it, then create a new registration form for each additional child. If you have an accommodation on file, accounting will adjust this amount.
Religious School Tuition may be paid in one payment  in September or it can be paid monthly on the 1st of each month beginning in September with the last payment on February 1st. Any other arrangements must be in place prior to filling out this registration. If you are requesting accommodation, please click here and submit the forms prior to registration.
Go here to make sure your credit card is on file:
To register another child, submit this form and start a new form for additional each child.
Thu, March 23 2023 1 Nisan 5783