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My Tree Israel 2022


In this unique program, you can deepen your roots in the land of Israel, and will give you something tangible that you can visit throughout the year. ​Adopting a tree is a yearly investment that will keep giving for generations by supporting the land and livelihood of local olive farmers in Israel.

​With MY TREE IN ISRAEL, by adopting a single olive tree, you are creating six bottles of authentic Israeli olive oil, each bearing your name on its label. ​One single tree supports Israeli farmers, your congregation, bears you a beautiful product, and strengthens the robust bridge between you and the people of Israel!

PERSONALIZED bottles of Israeli Olive Oil
$250 adopts a tree and gives you six bottles of Israeli Olive Oil!

Israeli Olive Oil with TEMPLE EMANU-EL printed on the label
Thu, October 6 2022 11 Tishrei 5783